On Millennials and How We Do Church

Much has been written by the church pundits about reaching millennials with the Gospel. In most of those articles is a litany of why attracting that age demographic to things Christian is problematic at best, requiring a process of several different steps often at variance with the usual established “order” found in many established fellowships, […]

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On Plugs and Staying Focused

There is little in this life which is more irritating than to press the “on” switch and have nothing happen. It really doesn’t matter what the appliance or the tool; if the switch or push button or lever is in the “on” position, there is an expectation of something happening, something moving or heating up […]

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On It’s Everyone Else’s Fault

My rule of integrity for these blogs is to never call out someone (except the devil) and verbally criticize or castigate for something done or not done. These little missives are meant to be thought-stirring opportunities, not barbecuing of someone with whom I may have a disagreement. That said, I read an article online recently […]

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On Hot Dogs and Too Much

Yesterday, for a snack, I warmed up one hot dog, the longer ones, which, if you happen to be a Los Angeles Dodger fan, you would know it as a “Dodger Dog”. No bun, no condiments, nothing — just a microwave-warm hot dog. It was nasty. Of late, my sodium consumption has been remarkably reduced, […]

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On News and Fakeness

It was a nightly ritual for the family in which I grew up. My father would watch the news, first with Walter Cronkite on CBS, then Huntley-Brinkley Report on NBC. The the network news teams would bring their view to the small screen, with such as Irving R. Levine, Sander Vanocur, Roger Mudd, Edwin Newman, […]

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On Being Homesick

It was 1972 — winter, actually, and for this California kid, the cold was something never before experienced. I was stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, discovering snow was cold and colder, that chill winds could blow the shivers right through overcoats and into bones, that when the sun did show itself, there was no […]

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On Marriage and Liberal Panic

An old saying warns against trying to please all the people all the time. Lately, it seems there are some in this country who would not be pleased with anything if it has to do with a Christian, conservative viewpoint. A Christian with some wealth could finance feeding undernourished children in some part of America and […]

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