On Celebrities and Golden Calves

Big headline in the news yesterday: Ben Affleck bought a heinously expensive house just one half mile from Jennifer Garner. So, why should I care? Why does this make headlines? ¬†Why is it when any person designated “celebrity” does anything or says anything, the media races to see who will get it up on line […]

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On Creepy Stuff

Creepy. That’s the best word I can muster. Creepy. ¬†Perhaps you have seen those photographs on line somewhere (possibly Facebook) that purport to be actual images of ghostly figures photobombing the scene — strange faces peering out from slightly open doors, or peeping over a window sill. With many of those comes the disclaimer nothing […]

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On Friends, Friends and Friends

In the 1980’s, it was quite the “thing” to bid farewell to someone in the church who was moving to another location with a serenade of a song by Michael W. Smith, “Friends are Friends Forever.” It was almost uncouth or maybe borderline heretical to do otherwise. And usually, whoever was singing the song to […]

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On The Co$t of the Calling

It has become a standard joke between us. My wife and I giggle every month when we get our retirement fund statement from our national headquarters. For years we have served small churches, sometimes having to work a secular job for the privilege of serving a church as pastors. The usually skinny salaries meant nothing […]

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On Politics, Salt and Mission

Politics. That word is almost a bad word. It seems less and less the concern for the overall welfare of the people, replaced by a driving, overblown dedication to ideology. Sometimes the so-called “hot-button” issues wind up generating much heat, not a lot of light, and wind up with a caravan of voices all stridently […]

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