On That Sense of Destiny

In order to obtain a Kansas driver’s license, I had to produce a copy of my birth certificate. While waiting my turn in the license office, I looked over the officially certified and stamped document, verifying that many years ago, in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California, a male infant was birthed who was named […]

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On Blaming God

Life is going on at its usual rate when suddenly — wham — a great upheaval sends a tsunami of emotional and/or physical disruption, shattering the previously well-ordered world. Most of the time, people do get through the event, some with a healthy outcome, some with a not so healthy outcome. The “thing”, whatever it […]

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On Change and Constants

Change happens. Its is the way of life. However any of us was a year ago, a month ago, even last week, is different than we are today, this moment, here for its brief existence and then counted as “yesterday”. On the wall of our den is a photo of my wife and myself taken […]

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On Seasons and Change

At my recent audiology test, the doctor told me one thing he could tell from the results: I wasn’t 15 years old anymore.  It’s not time for hearing aids, but apparently, I have a date with that eventuality perhaps in another four or five years. He said I need to take precautions: I may start wearing […]

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On Bullying

Jared (not his real name) was bullied at school. He didn’t fit in, or at least he didn’t fit in with the so-called “popular” crowd.  He became the target of thoughtless invectives tossed for the sake of a laugh — a cheap, cheap laugh.  His parents did what they could to affirm him, but the […]

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