On Marriage and Liberal Panic

An old saying warns against trying to please all the people all the time. Lately, it seems there are some in this country who would not be pleased with anything if it has to do with a Christian, conservative viewpoint. A Christian with some wealth could finance feeding undernourished children in some part of America and would be scored for not doing the same for children in some other region far away. Or there would be the complaint the food was not vegan, or GMO-free, or locally sourced and sustainable — it would be about something over which to complain, not that hungry kids actually had a full and satisfying meal.

In the headlines of late have been stories about Vice-President Mike Pence and his wife choosing to have a truly Biblical marriage — you know, being faithful to one another, not getting into situations where compromise might happen, being mutually accountable — and liberal pundits have had to deal with their exploding heads over this, one even going so far as to label Pence a misogynist because he prefers to be a one-woman man. It seems utterly ludicrous to non-Christian folks that someone might want a lifestyle free of the messes causes by casual relationships and sex for the sake of fleshly pleasure.

I can only imagine if Mr. Pence was one of those loose-moral types who had girlfriends and mistresses and who knows what. The same liberal geniuses would then rip him to shreds for having loose ethics and call for his removal from public office.

So it is with choosing to stand up, stand up for Jesus as soldiers of the cross. No one on the outside is going to understand, and no one from the outside is necessarily going to be compassionate or tolerant. It is a travesty how the whole idea of tolerance has become warped into an alien thing, where being tolerant of another only happens if that other is in full agreement with the politically correct position of the moment. Biblical marriage is not now and will never be the “politically correct” thing. It was never meant to need the imprimatur of the world. God placed in His Word a design for marital relationships, a design begot out of His perfect wisdom, and it is the standard for marriage that is both pleasing to the Father and the healthiest way to have that mystic, wonderful union between a man and a woman.

But the standards for marriage in the Word are in the same crosshairs as any other ethical position found in Scripture, and my recent reading of the early chapters in the prophecy of Jeremiah fit this country like a custom designer fashion. America, by and large, has chosen to chase after idols and lovers, forsaking the Lord, even reducing the need for God to something politically correct, as in, “It may be true for you but not for me.” It was just this week that a major liberal politician, in her weekly presser, said Christians are among the most dangerous people around, and she wasn’t meaning that as a compliment to soul-winning skills. Like the recent comments from the prime minister of Canada, who said evangelical believers are dangerous to the stability of his country,  Christians are marginalized into whack-jobs of major proportions, and those who espouse a Biblical worldview find themselves invited out of life itself. Again, in the news last week, a college student stood up against his Muslim professor’s blatantly false statements about Christ, and was summarily removed from the campus. A group of feminists staged a skit about the Virgin Mary having an abortion, with the claim that if she had ended that pregnancy, the world would not be in the mess it is in right now.

And so it goes, just as Israel and Judah in the days of Jeremiah. God is cast as the bad guy because He calls for obedience to His righteous standards, and people, in their usual display of dipwad thinking, have the insane and inane idea they can do life their way and it will all be fine. Celebrities are lionized over their romances, even when it results in spouse #3, #4 or more — or without any marriage at all, enjoying the sex part but refusing to do it God’s way and enter into the holy union of marriage.

While a prognostication of better times ahead would be a refreshing break from all the godless, liberal blather out there, what I read in the Word indicates the moral air around us is destined to darker, stinkier times. Some stats indicate traditional marriage is rather quickly being relegated to the antique department of moral positioning, an old and worn vestige of an earlier, repressed and narrow time. There is a line in Proverbs about not moving the old landmarks (I think that is the KJV language). Property lines are set by scientific mapping, called surveying, and moving them around at will by the property owners is not permissible. Those boundaries exist for a reason. The same is true of what the Lord put into the Scripture about marriage. The boundaries are not electives which we do or do not observe at our fleshly whim. The need for a return to Biblical marriage is a topic suitable for a full length book, maybe in two or three volumes. But it could wind up as a message written in the heavens in glittery gold and most people would sigh with a disinterested “meh” or rail against being repressed by some viciously misogynic and homophobic deity who is having some kind of celestial temper-tantrum. Such liberal narcissists fail to realize what God speaks is given out of His love for His erring creation, His wisdom showing the best and the healthiest way to live this life here on this planet.

I salute the vice-president of this country and his wife for their choice to live according to Biblical standards. They will no doubt find themselves the continual fodder for unregenerate minds who think it normal to accept every form of perversion as just part of life itself. I doubt such a distinction will change the Pence’s. And being in the firing line of ungodly writers and others who rail against Biblical standards on marriage should not cause hesitation in believers to seek to live according to what the Bible so clearly teaches.

After all, believers are not tasked with pleasing anyone in the world. They are called to please an audience of One. That comes through obedience. And through obedience comes life beyond human expectation.